Suma Rural Bank PLC now operates in four administrative districts, being Jaman North, Jaman South and Tain Districts and Berekum Municipal Assembly all in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana. The Bank has its head office at Suma Ahenkro in the Jaman North District. The Bank was established in November, 1981 and officially started operations on 29th September, 1982. The establishment of the Bank was by the effort of the Suma Traditional Council and some opinion leaders of Suma notably among them, was the then Member of Parliament for the former Jaman Constituency, Honorable Martin Adane. The Bank’s established as a result of the non-existence of financial institutions in the northern part of Jaman Constituency at the time.

Two banks, Ghana Commercial Bank PLC and the Co-operative Bank Ltd. existed in the southern part of the Constituency, Japekrom at the time. Therefore, the people from Suma Traditional Area travelled over forty five (45) kilometers to access banking services. This made it difficult for the people to save their money. Another problem was that, workers such as teachers and other government employees refused postings to the area because they could not afford the inconveniences they encountered in accessing their salaries from a bank. Also the cocoa farmers in the area were not getting any financial assistance from the banks to maintain their cocoa farms and other crops. The Bank now has Seven agencies in addition to the main office at Suma Ahenkro. It intends to expand its activities by opening at least, two more agencies during the current plan period. The agencies are strategically located at Sampa, Goka all in the Jaman North District, Japekrom in the Jaman South District, Berekum in the Berekum Municipal area and Brodi in the Tain District. Camp and Ellukrom agencies are all in the Western North Region of Ghana.

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