Chief Executive Officer’s Welcome Message

You are warmly welcomed to our site and wish to thank you for showing interest in our activities.

We take this opportunity to once again thank our loyal customers and all other stakeholders to the Bank who continue to remain resolute on the eve of difficulties that the financial sector of the country is going through with some of the institutions already folded up.

We re-assure our customers and other stakeholders of the Bank that SRB PLC is in good standing by all standards without any difficulty. We therefore assuage any fear that our good customers and owners (shareholders) might have due to the reforms that are currently taking place by the Bank of Ghana (Government) in the financial sector.

With almost forty (40) years’ experience in rural banking, Suma has positioned itself so well that no reforms in the financial sector could outwit our operations. We continue to bring on board, innovations to ensure customer satisfaction services we render. SRB PLC is ensuring that the lead role it plays in rural banking industry will continue to be sustained so that the affectionate name “Rural Bank mu Kɔfabayɛ” accorded the bank by her numerous stakeholders will also be maintained. Read more