Vision Statement

“To be the most preferred Rural Bank”

Mission Statement

“To reduce poverty in the catchment area of SRB PLC by delivering efficient banking service to SMEs through a team of well-trained, motivated and accountable workforce, and creating maximum value for stakeholder’s”

Core Values

Customer excellence is our hallmark as we execute our corporate mission. With this, we are driven by high standards of integrity and care, such that our key shareholders can confidently entrust us to serve them with innovative solutions through teamwork.
1. Integrity

Our Board, management, staff, and agents build and drive personal and corporate trust by strictly keeping our policies and promises within the confines of sound corporate governance standards and applicable laws of Ghana. We are dependable by upholding high standards of fairness,  judiciousness/prudence, confidentiality,  and accountability as we pursue our corporate vision, mission, strategy, and policies. When we make mistakes, we own up and learn from them.
2. Care

We are a caring rural bank. We stay true to our fiduciary duties by acting, at all times and places, in the best interest of our cherished customers, shareholders, staff, and the community.

3. Customer Excellent

This is our hallmark. The customer is the most cherished and reason SRB PLC exists and thrives. We are a customer-centered rural bank which delivers the most relevant, convenient, and competitive banking products/services  to  meet  customer  needs. We are ultra-sensitive and adaptable to changing customer preferences through a team of well-trained, motivated, and accountable workforce who strive, in good faith, to be outstanding and exceptional in serving the customer.

4. Innovation

Innovativeness is key to staying afloat in a highly competitive banking industry because it enhances value and efficiency. We are noted for systematically developing and marketing breakthrough banking products/services that optimize our core business. We are committed to driving viable innovations that potentially enhance customer satisfaction and retention within evolving technology, socio-economic, and regulatory landscape.
5. Teamwork

We are a value-based and mission-driven rural bank, working with and through teams. We recognize that each team member is unique in terms of their expertise and experiences, yet we strive to work well together as a unit to deliver our mission.

Corporate Objectives

  • 1) To increase share capital from GH¢ 1.2M to GH¢ 3M by 2028
    2) To retain our active customer base (33,000) and increase it to (40,000) by 2028
    3) To meet all regulatory benchmark with focus on cost to income ratio, NPL, Pass Due, and
    PPE to shareholder’s net worth ratio
    4) To progressively apply technology to enhanced efficiency, productivity, and
    5) To increase year – on – year deposit and profit before tax by 20%

Send and Receive money locally and internationally